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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's my HR strategy you ask???

Thomas Friedman says, "...the world is flat." Here is essentially what that means: A guy (or girl) with a computer in Bangalore can create a startup with an immediate audience of millions of people who are potential customers for his/her goods and/or services. This shop is located in the basement of a mortar home in a small subdivision that barely has running water. But yet, this person has access to an infinite amount of tools, resources, AND CUSTOMERS, instantly making him/her a small business owner with virtually endless earning potential.

This model has directly affected the structures of businesses and the lines of business within the business. Global service and operations models are the norm and people are required to be multi-functional to meet the needs of the changing environment. Roles are no longer siloed. Businesses are no longer siloed.

Which leaves me. Organizations and the people within have 'specialties'. They could be project managers, or IT Specialists, or business leaders. HR professionals need all those skill sets to be truly effective in a global and multi-functional environment.

Which leads to my goals to ensure success moving forward. The key to that success is through education and experience. Currently I am a recruiter, finishing this HRM certification, but to be multi-functional, perhaps I'll explore formal project management training? Perhaps I'll get an IT certification? Do I want to change fields? NO. Do I want to evolve in HR...within my role...within my company? YES! And the key to that growth and promotional opportunities include mastering multiple skill sets and getting that true global experience. Enterprise level strategic leaders in today's workforce MUST have a global focus, a global vision, and global experience to stay relevant, effective, and competitive. We as HR professionals must meet the needs of the clients we support and as the lines of business that look to us as SME's lay global platforms, we must be there to support the development. This includes project management, change management, technology implementations, understanding global laws, ensuring regulatory compliance, and MANY other things. Can this be done by 1 person, probably not. But the more you know and the more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you become. Thus, my strategy.

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