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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I learned on 9/21 and what I'm looking to learn on 9/28...

9/21 was an evening of thought-provoking lecture...literally. Having experienced so many technology changes in my career, Wednesday's class begged so many questions.

With so many technology solutions out there, how do we decide on the right one solution?
Who decides?
How do we pay for it?
Who is going to implement it?
Who should we involve in the implementation process?
How long should implementation take?
What kind of testing will be involved?
Who uses the system?
Who are the major stakeholders?
What defines success?

As we began to take a look at solutions, these thoughts raced through my mind in past experiences and current demands. Would Mongo DB help our Global Compensation Analytics team deliver information more accurately? Timely? Would Sonar 6 make performance reviews less painful and actually help identify top talent? Even better, would it provide leaders the information they need to know to identify the cross-functional talent across the organization? Would Jobvite help our organization to target younger, entry-level audiences for our service and sales positions? Could RedCarpet by Silkroad better manage our onboarding process while keeping our global footprint in top priority?

These and a myriad of other questions ran through my mind...and perhaps through research and additional information and ideas (next class??), I can help to answer them. Starting with Jobvite. In next weeks class, I'd like to see what the 'social media underpinning' to Jobvite means. How can I use it to attract the right talent for my entry level positions LOCALLY? Looking forward to it, Jun.

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