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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A bit about 9/28 and what I hope 10/5 brings...

Well...I know everything I need to know about ADP! ;-) But in all reality, the 1 hour demo was fantastic. Although the system lacked the flash and sexiness we all look for in systems today, it was surprisingly robust for a system that purports to be a one stop shop for the major HR technology needs. It is the dream of most organizations to have credible data all in one place - it helps facilitate smooth processes and makes for reporting possibilities most executives only dream of (well, without needing to run a macro that joins 6 tables of data...or more realistically finding someone who knows how to do it).

If ADP isn't my thing, well the 18 step HR Software Analysis model sure will help with that. From defining the problem and understanding integration to running reports and utilizing regional-specific functionality, I feel much more comfortable in my ability to not get sick on the rug. If you get my drift...which is only possible if you have taken Jun's HR Tech Class BTW :-).

And lastly, what I still look forward to is the Taleo demo. As a current user of the Enterprise Recruiting and Onboarding modules I'm eager to see what the latest and greatest is...as well as having an SME at my disposal for the questions I currently have.

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