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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are public domain technologies good for anyways??

Well, just like anything, it depends. I know...I'm not a fan of that answer either (in most cases), but it's true here. The aptitude for things like blogs and wiki's are likely much lower at companies such as law firms or financial services organizations. Especially when you compare these industries to industries such as the entertainment industry or the high tech industry where the cutting edge of technology is considered the norm.

But with that said, regardless of the industry, organizations must learn to embrace technology in order to be successful and stay competitive in today's global marketplace - even if the adoption of the technology is a bit more conservative than other companies. And if it is a slow start you seek to get your feet wet in the pool of technology, there are still a million places to start.

These solutions are perfect for smaller organizations with smaller budgets that lack in-house IT support. They are typically intuitive, cheap (or free), and were designed to meet glaring needs. Take Google Docs, for example. Have a small business where different teams need to collaborate on documents? Or perhaps teams in different geographical locations that need access to these documents? Well, Google Docs may be the perfect answer. Are you the CEO of a start up technology organization and you are looking for a way to disseminate information to your teams quickly? Try Google Blogger! Are you a small business looking to expand your workforce but are not sure how to attract recent college graduates and get your company's name out? A wiki may be your answer!

In any case, if there is a need there is a technology out there to solve it. Not only that...it may be free. So if your organization is struggling to manage their onboarding processes, looking for a different way to attract talent, or is in need of new tools to manage year-end compensation processes...GOOGLE IT...who knows what you might find...

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