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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Expectation and Success Measures...

Well, what can I say? This blog is a direct result of this class (HR Systems & Technology via the UC Berkeley Extension) which has already 1) Surpassed my expectations, and 2) is already considered to be a success. But I have a feeling that isn't exactly what this 1st assignment is asking for :-).

So as far as expectations go, here are a few conceptual things I'd like to have a better handle on:

1) A better understanding of the current state of the industry (specific to HR Technologies) and what the future of this umbrella of HR might look like...who knows...it isn't too early for a career change :-).

2) Some insight into the specific technologies - especially the new/ cutting edge technologies - that are available to the HR profession. What are other industries using to streamline processes globally? How are they using technology to save money? I realize this could be new recruiting/ onboarding software...software to manage benefits enrollments...or even a total rewards software that helps pull together all these things under one nice and tidy umbrella. My bottom line has always been that the more you learn, the more valuable you are.

3) Learning from the experiences of others would be my last expectation. If there is anything that I have learned in my professional career (albeit short) it is the old adage learn from others mistakes before you make them yourself.

Measuring success seems pretty formulaic for this class when it comes to grades (BTW - Success for me starts and ends with the 1st letter of the alphabet...has always been a personal philosophy of mine) but personally, I've actually put a lot of thought into this after the first class. Having never blogged, 'tweeted' or even used Google Docs, I realized I have a long way to go with "social media".

Of course I don't completely live under a rock. I mean, I have a FaceBook (find me!!), and a Linked In (find me there too!!) but success to me, in part, is to truly familiarize myself with these tools to the point where tweeting with my iPhone app becomes habit...like 'checkin in' to my favorite pizza places via FB.

Lastly, to be successful I want to utilize the tools of the industry that I am gaining insight into to get a fundamental grasp of the tools available to me as an HR Professional, and to the organizations I support. This will help me to be the business partner I want to be, offering my skills, tools, knowledge, and time...in return for a number followed by five zeroes. Maybe a 4 or a 5....500,000...that works. Base, of course. Total comp is a whole different story....

Checking out for now - off to the store to get some ideas for next weeks class snacks! But more to come...!!

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