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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I learned on 9/14 and what I hope to learn on 9/21...

First and foremost, there is WAY more out there in terms of usable technology than I had been made aware of in my meager travels to date. So many things I wish I knew 'back then'. All the thoughts of, "Man, I could have used____to address___" or, "I wish I had___when I was tasked with___".

Long story short, I learned that virtually any real world problem likely has a technology-based solution out there somewhere - you just need to know where and how to look. So step 1 - EDUCATE YOURSELF! (In this case, myself). By next class I hope to have brainstormed the problems I currently face in being successful in my profession - gigantic or minuscule - and try to better understand how technology could help solve the problem.

"Solving problems by being aware of creative solutions" - My new mantra to operate in periphery with my other goals...and a way to help differentiate myself from the masses.

What can I apply right away you ask, Jun? The mantra above.

Next steps...brainstorm real world issues to tackle as I design my project charter. Long term goal...execute to a level presentable to Sr. Management (possibly :-)

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