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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I learned on 10/5 and what I look forward to on 10/12...

Today was filled with two primary buckets of information...SuccessFactors and the HR Technology Conference...both great learning opportunities!

If there is one thing I will take a way from this class, it is a better understanding of many players in today's technology game - from HR Strategy to Social Media. SuccessFactors, as a suite vendor, was a very interesting demo to see (especially as a user of Taleo). They are fundamentally different in their deliver model, but similar in their product offerings and the problems that they try to solve for organizations. I enjoyed seeing the approaches SuccessFactors especially when compared to Taleo. The use of modules are readily apparent in both, but Taleo feels a bit more segregated when it comes to the interaction of the overall platform. Both have ditched the antiquated look of the 'PeopleSoft' UI, but personally, Taleo's 'eye-candy' appeal tops that of SuccessFactors (again...personally :).

What I learned after though kind of trumps all demos, which is, for every one vendor for any particular solution, there are likely a dozen others out there to consider. And dozens-squared opinions as well. Companies like Knowledge Infusion won't be going away anytime soon (consulting companies that take a look at these issues for organizations from an 'outsider looking in perspective' to provide their suggestions to the issues at hand). The Tech Conference seemed to be a data dump of the movement in the HR technology space today...and what companies like FaceBook foresee the future to look like. Full of shiny objects and confident sales people, the sky is the limit for what the future holds...but the key is, and will always be, what best solves the PROBLEM at hand?

For next week, I still look forward to grilling someone at Taleo and hearing what they have to offer :). So more to come.

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