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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Case Study #8 Response


You are an HR Generalist/Recruiter for a small for-profit organization and you have been invited to demo Taleo Business Edition as a potential recruiting solution for your organization. You discover that Taleo was brought in because they are a partner of Paychex, your current payroll vendor. You didn't know that there was a need for a recruiting solution since you're not that busy. How do you approach this demo?


Luckily, at this point I would have an HRM Certification from UC Berkeley under my belt and through the HR Systems and Technology course, I would have learned that the key to implementing any technology solution is ensuring that the system addresses the need/ problem at hand. With the scenario above, Taleo is being sought out simply because it integrates with other current systems - not because it meets the need and addresses the issues at hand.

With that said, the first thing I would do is get more background as to why this demo was sought. Who is the driver behind this demo internally? What current state issues have led to the demo? What do they hope to solve with the implementation?

Answers to these questions will help me to understand why we are where we are. The next step is to offer my knowledge to help try and help influence next steps. Perhaps a recruiting system is warranted for future growth and if a system is being sought, integration with current systems is definitely a plus. But if the need is to solve issues with current payroll processes, I would try and influence the project sponsor with that information.

As the subject mater expert for the recruiting function, I can share my experience with recruiting volumes and the current state process, citing that there are no issues with current procedures and that current workloads do not warrant the purchase of a system that does not meet an existing need. The next step is to then consult with payroll to determine what the issues are. Perhaps we are in the need of an HRIS system? 

If the need is not necessarily issues with current payroll processes, perhaps seeing the demo is warranted. If the system meets the exact needs that help to feed Paychex the information it needs, perhaps this situation can turn into a win-win. I can document areas in the current recruiting process that could use some 'sprucing up', and come to the demo with that information. I can ensure it meets my needs, is viable for the needs of the recruiters, and can go above and beyond in regards to its offerings.

Ultimately, I would approach the demo depending upon the findings of the exploration into the reasons for he demo. I could use the situation to my advantage and make a win-win scenario, or I could save the organization from a costly mistake, literally. The key is information...after all, It's All About The Data!!

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