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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I learned on 10/12 and whats to come 10/19...

10/12 brought on more software knowledge, including demos from yours truly (Taleo and LinkedIn Recruiter). New on the plate was software demo'ed (if that is a word) called 'DevonWay'. DevonWay provides many software solutions to multiple organizations spanning multiple industries and needs, but what we learned is that if you are a nuclear power plant and need to track regulatory safety reporting, then DevonWay has a product for you. And 99% of the rest of the industry is probably already using it!

For 10/19, I'm very excited to get to know more about Workday. With solid foundings and a history of success in its short lifespan, I'm eager to see what this solution has to offer. But for now, back to preparing for my class presentation and trying to ace this course exam!

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