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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charter: Performance Management Solutions

Problem Statement

Performance Management within our organization is currently a dreaded task that ends up being a scramble at the fiscal year end to get completed, when it should be an ongoing process throughout they year that is easy to facilitate and truly supports the organizations ‘Pay for Performance’ philosophy. The model is geared to recognize and reward top performers across the business, help identify and facilitate performance improvement when needed, and helps employees and leaders stay connected in regards to performance metrics and actual achievement.


The key stakeholders in this process include the following groups:

1)      Business Leaders w/ Direct Reports
·        This tool should help business leaders facilitate the career development for their associates as well as track, monitor, and measure ongoing performance in close partnership with the employee.
2)      Employees
·        As users of the tool, it should be accessible, easy to use, and should clearly outline development/ performance goals and metrics.  
3)      HR/ System Administrators
·        The system administrators should be able to easily do real-time reporting, control security and easily navigate basic administration functions.

Business Case

Performance Management is a critical component to the success of an organization long-term. Effective performance management serves two critical purposes. First, it allows an organization to proactively manage and develop internal talent by providing the tools and the processes to facilitate the conversations and the documentation. Secondly, it provides risk mitigation tools for the organization in terms of formal documentation of both performance and performance that needs improvement. 

In Scope

The scope of this project will be limited to a review of technology applications that can help manage, streamline, and revolutionize the current performance management process. The preference would be an in-house held solution we could potentially customize and integrate with other HR systems, but are open to all solutions, including SaaS options, regardless of cost.

Out of Scope

At this point in time, suite vendors will be considered and the merits of the suite possibilities will be addressed, but the scope of this project will not branch out into other areas of HR including recruitment, onboarding, benefits, compensation, etc.

Success Metrics

Success will be defined by the following goals:

-         Adoption of the program by the organization (70% of employees have accessed the system within the 1st QTR of the fiscal year)
-         Pay more accurately matches performance numbers across the organization (track current spend by rating and future spend by rating)
-         Qualitative measures show ratings increase (implement pre & post implementation surveys to show qualitative improvement in the solution)

-         Communication Plan
o       Communication to all employees will commence 30 days before the program conversion. Communication to managers will begin 60 days prior to conversion.
-         Training Plan
o       Web-based trainings will be created to train system functionality for the employee and manager user levels.
o       Admin training will be completed in ‘train the trainer’ sessions conducted by the solutions representatives.
o       FAQ’s will be designed to answer all basic questions identified through UAT to help alleviate the initial flow of questions and to provide users additional tools to seek resolutions. 

-         Functional/ Technical
o       UAT Team (comprised of key leaders and employees)
o       Training coordinators
o       Internal & External IT/ Tech Support
-         Sponsors
o       Project Sponsor(s) & Project Manager
o       HR Leaders
-         Core Team
o       Key business leaders (buy-in sought way ahead of time)
o       Testing & Training Leads
o       Project Manager

Solution Options
-         Keep existing solution (do nothing)
-         SuccessFactors (www.successfactors.com)
-         WebFOCUS Performance Management (www.informationbuilders.com)
-         Enterprise Performance Management (http://www.oracle.com/)
-         Infor Performace Management (www.infor.com)
-         Silkroad (www.silkroad.com)
-         Taleo (www.taleo.com)
-         Rypple (www.rypple.com)
-         Sonar 6 (http://www.sonar6.com/)

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